In 1976; has been entered to the elevator sector by production of copy system of pit and retiring cams. During 1976-1996, the firm has been the leading companies in the domestic market of the elevator sector.

In 1996; because of increasing demands in the elevator sector, Uygar Elevator was established.

In 2006; added to the structure of the showroom building for selling hydraulic elevator, electric package elevator and for exposing the new products.

In 2008; manufacturing automation system was launched and thus, production began to be more corporate environment. Firstly, the production of cars and automatic door was began. We succeed producing completely modular cabin system without source material. We have minimized the error by testing in wellhole and three-dimensional digital environment. We ensure the success in automatic door production, frame and panels. After, we produced the landing mechanism. We have produced the buttons with CNC Benchs and received support from abroad for keeping up to date the electronic development. We offer to our costumers as a package elevator by synchronizing the car-automatic door and button system.

In 2012; with adding the new showroom to our scope, R&D workings have been initiated on machine roomless elevator systems (MRL SYSTEM). On R&D workings, 1:1 and 2:1 systems implemented a single carcass aiming to speed up the production process and shorten the expediting time.

In 2013; with R&D workings on machine roomless elevators system, aiming to minimum pit dimensions, minimum overhead height and minimum downhole dimensions and therefore decreased the using of hydraulic elevators. When we are making R&D workings, the exporting of package elevator systems and modernization of package elevator are accelerated and gained importance at abroad and especially in European Countries.

In 2014; with R&D workings; Machine Roomless Elevator was combined with H System Belt Technology and therefore world standards and technology have been followed. H System Belt Technology Machine Roomless Elevator offers to our valuable customers; comfort, flexibility, reliability, lower costs, minimum dimensions, quick installation, smooth and quiet performance and various elevator designs.

Following the world standards and technology, attention was given to the Panoramic Car Designs and Full Glass Framed Panels designed for landing doors / car doors.

In 2015; by R&D workings, L System Belt Technology Machine Roomless Elevator is offered to our valuable customers. This new system is designed for using in the villa (homelift). 90% of the factory construction was completed and is planned to be expansion of production space.

In 2016;  the construction of the new factory has been completed and the production capacity have been increased to the highest level with the investment of superior bench and robot technology.

In 2017; the requirements of the EN 81-20 / 50 standards have been completed in our products and the required certifications have been obtained. In order to increase customer satisfaction at every stage of sales and production, ERP and MRP automation systems have been switched to the highest level. Thus, the Industry 4.0 infrastructure preparations have begun. In order to provide better service to our customers, ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System has been adapted to our company. Our investments continue to follow the latest production technologies in our new factory area.

In 2018; the export to the territory of RUSSIA has increased; All necessary R&D workings were done to enter the Russian market and necessary EAC certificates were obtained. However, EI60 Fire Resistance Tests for elevator automatic doors have started.